While we have a rescue branch, there are animals that we take in, in which adoption is not the best option for them. Horses and animals that require ongoing special care and very senior pets are often animals that we will keep in our sanctuary program as permanent residents. There are also animals that come through our doors that we feel fit in fantastically with our Kids’ Camps programs. These are horses or animals that we get to know and feel that they are safe enough and have the perfect personality to be a part of our educational and hand’s on programs involving animals during our Kids’ Camps.

To allow us to take in Permanent HHF residents, we utilize very special “Forever” foster homes. We assist with much of the monetary care (such as vet visits) for these animals while the foster home provides the  individual care, feed, etc for the animal.

If you would like more information on this program or perhaps are interested in becoming a foster for a permanent HHF resident, please reach out to us via email at info@hickoryhillfarmtn.org.


View our current permanent, sanctuary residents, here!