It is our goal with our Owner Assistance Program to keep horses from needing to be rescued by helping to keep them in responsible, stable, homes. We understand that life can throw curve balls, and this program is designed to assist responsible horse owners that may be facing a short term emergency or financial burden.

Our ability to assist relies solely on in kind and monetary donations that we receive and therefore, all applications may not be accepted. Assistance is provided on a case by case basis, and Hickory Hill Farm reserves the right to deny or provide any assistance.


-Applicant must be a resident of Tennessee.

-Applicant must be 18 or older.

-Applicant’s equines must be personal equines.

-Applicant must show evidence of responsible horse ownership. (i.e. provide vet and farrier references for our committee to contact)

-Applicant must have a need for this program and be willing to share and verify that need with the committee.

-Applicant must sign the Owner Assistance Program Release of Liability.

Areas of Assistance: 

-Food Bank: Donors give bags of feed, supplements, hay, etc for us to distribute to responsible horse owners in need.

-Euthanasia Assistance: We will consider, on a case by case basis, assistance with humane euthanasia. This program is designed to provide a kinder option to horses who otherwise would be disposed of.


Owner Assistance Request

Please note due to funding and resources, Hickory Hill Farm can not approve and aid every request submitted. Our committee will respond to this request via email with the email address provided on this application.