It is extremely important to always strive to continue your horse’s and your education together. This reimbursement program is designed to promote that continued education with your newly adopted horse.

Through this program we will reimburse you $100 if you send your adopted horse to one of our approved trainers for 30 days or if you complete 8 lessons (1 hour each min.) with your adopted horse. We will reimburse $200 for 60 days of training with one of our approved trainers or if you complete 16 lessons (1 hour each min.).

Please email us at for additional information, to request reimbursement, or with any questions. If your trainer or instructor is not listed, please let us know. We are happy to form new relationships and consider reimbursement with other trainers and instructors!

Trainers in this program:

Program Requirements:

  • This program requires pre-approval. You must notify us in writing at that you wish to participate in this program.
  • Without pre-approval, in writing, no reimbursement funds are guaranteed.
  • Reimbursement funds will not be distributed until the horse’s 30 days of training have been completed or until the 8 lessons have been completed and the proper forms completed and submitted.
  • We will request verification in writing from your trainer or instructor upon completion prior to distributing funds.
  • Training must occur within 6 months of adoption to qualify.