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Name: Gummi

Breed: Saddle Horse

Gender: Mare

Age: 29

Height: 15 hh

Gummi is a permanent sanctuary resident of Hickory Hill Farm. Gummi came into our rescue in April 2016. When we picked her up, we did not know if she would survive the trailer ride to her awaiting foster farm, but she did. Our vet prepared us to simply be a hospice provider, and we thought we only had days to spend with our newest rescue. We were prepared to give her the best final days we could and help her peacefully cross the rainbow bridge when it was time. We had bloodwork pulled upon her arrival. The results were disheartening and indicative of either internal infection and/or cancer. Furthermore, her glucose levels were so low, our vet advised that Gummi had not had sufficient nutrition in a very long time. She was so malnourished, that the test could not be conclusive one way or the other. We promised Gummi that day that whatever time she had left, be it years, months, or days, that she would never feel a hunger pain and would only know peace, love, and comfort the rest of her days.

Gummi had a round of antibiotics and began being fed a slowly increased amount of senior feed soup twice daily. She defeated the odds that were against her, and we even felt bad for doubting that she would make it. Gummi made a full recovery and though due to her age and past, will likely never be an overweight horse, she is maintaining a healthy weight, now.

 Please consider sponsoring Gummi’s care or offering her a forever foster home which would open another space in rescue.

gummi2 Gummi