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There’s still time to make your year end donation if you wish!

Our goal on Giving Tuesday is to raise $3,000 to help with winter feed costs for the animals in our care. Our total year end goal is $5,000 as we have recent intakes that are in need of costly veterinary procedures and more. To show our commitment to helping the animals and people in our community our Board of Directors will personally be giving an item per donation to Joseph’s Storehouse located in Lebanon, TN.

Will you help us Rescue, Play, and Heal with a year end gift??

We will be keeping track of our Giving Tuesday & Year End totals here:


Click HERE to donate, and help us reach our goal!

Not sure how much to give? Any amount helps, and you can rest assured that every dollar donated goes straight to the animals and programs as there are NO paid employees at Hickory Hill Farm. It is important to note, that these numbers can change at a moments notice with new intakes! Here are some numbers to help give you an idea of costs related to feeding our animals:

Mazuri Pig Feed: $16 per bag (~$64/mthly)

Our two adoptable pigs go through about one bag per week.  

Purina Senior Feed: $23 per bag (~$350/mthly)

Many of our horses are currently on this feed. We are going through approximately 3-4 bags per week. 

Hi Fat Feed Mix (Edward’s Feed): $13 per bag (~$104/mthly)

Several of our healthier horses are on this feed. We are going through approximately 2 bags per week. 

Round Rolls of Hay: Approx $45-50/bale (~$800/mthly)

We go through approximately 4 round bales per week. 

Fat, Amino Acid, Arthritis, & Other Necessary Supplements: Approx $100/mth

Monthly feed cost: Approximately $1400.

This is food alone. Please consider making a donation, today! Remember, for every donation we receive for our animals, our Board will be donating to Joseph’s Storehouse!