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Name: Neon Nine (AKA “Chic”)

Breed: Registered Tennessee Walking Horse

Gender: Filly

Age: 1 (DOB: 5/4/2015)



Chic is a registered Tennessee Walking Horse filly. She stands for the farrier and loads in the trailer well. Chic does have a stifle related injury that the vet believes occurred before or during birth. She does not limp, but does appear to have a “catch” every now and then. Our vet, Dr. Brian Wright, feels that she may still be ride-able when she matures. He advised us that he felt it would be about a 50/50 chance. Chic is gentle and easy to handle. With her flaxen mane and tail accenting her red sorrel coat, she is GORGEOUS. Her papers will transfer to her adopter. Because of the uncertainty of her being ride-able when she is mature, we have waived this girl’s adoption fee. Our adoption contract has a strict, enforceable, NO BREEDING contract. If you think Chic is the perfect addition to your pasture, apply to adopt!