By SheaHutsenpiller / October 4, 2017

11 Reasons You Should NEVER Foster a Rescue Horse

11 Reasons You Should Never Foster a Rescue Horse

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By SheaHutsenpiller / March 20, 2017

Western Wildfire Relief Effort-2017

When I saw the story a friend in Texas shared the morning of March 9, my heart broke for some...

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By Jenna Gibbons / December 31, 2016

Our First Year

To say that this year was anything but amazing wouldn’t even do it justice. To start any new idea, it...

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By Jenna Gibbons / September 1, 2016

Gummi’s Story

It was hard to see just how skinny she was through the long, coarse (unhealthy) winter hair that had failed...

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By Jenna Gibbons / June 23, 2016

Preparing for Camp

The day is quickly approaching ...   This week has been packed with painting, mowing, shopping, and planning.  Every detail...

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By Jenna Gibbons / June 16, 2016

Keep Your Horse “Cool” This Summer

We know Tennessee summers are hot, humid, and uncomfortable.  To cool off, we jump in the pool, chug a few...

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By Jenna Gibbons / June 2, 2016

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello! We are so excited to offer you a blog packed with funny and heart-warming stories, interesting, and relevant information,...

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