The day is quickly approaching …


This week has been packed with painting, mowing, shopping, and planning.  Every detail is important to make sure our summer camp “preview” is perfect for our campers!  Every ounce of effort is given to make sure each activity — and every moment — is memorable for them.  


Campers will get a taste of our camp program.  They’ll sing, laugh, make new friends, and grow.  We hope that they’ll leave us changed for the better and be excited to come back to see us in the fall – we’ll be having a camp session this October during Fall Break!


This isn’t just any camp.  It’s something they’ll never forget.  It encompasses a multitude of things.  Children will interact and learn from each other as a team, experience different themed activities, spend quality time with rescued animals, and learn a whole lot about life from just being outside.  It’s amazing how being on a farm can transform a person, and we can’t wait to see how these kiddos experience every element of farm life. 


Just as our motto says and will always say — we rescue, we play, and we heal. 


It’s a revolving focus that truly touches the lives of both animals and people. 

 DSC_0114 (2)

Our camp “preview” this weekend is intended to do exactly that!