It was hard to see just how skinny she was through the long, coarse (unhealthy) winter hair that had failed to shed.  The vet put her at barely a BCS 2 on the Henneke BCS.  When he pulled her blood test, he reported that her glucose amounts did not even register on the lab instruments – something he’d never encountered!  He said this meant she had not been properly digesting and getting the proper nutrients from food in a long time.  It was found upon veterinary inspection that (as expected with a horse of her age) she was missing most teeth making her more susceptible to choking on her food as well due to the inability to grind her grain properly.   Life can often bring very challenging times, and this is exactly what can happen when one becomes very ill.  Gummi’s owner and her support system brought Gummi to us, and we couldn’t have been happier to help.

Intake Photos:


Her hair was “shedding” or falling out in large clumps exposing her skin.

IMG_1126     IMG_5939

What did Gummi need to recover?  Love and knowledge.  Knowledge to know that a horse of her age and condition simply needed senior feed soaked in water.

Two Weeks with HHF:

IMG_1127     IMG_1137

30 Days with HHF:

IMG_1419     IMG_1415_2

45 Days with HHF:


60 Days with HHF:


She’s made a full recovery!

To us…the love she needed was from children.  Lots and lots of sweet hugs and kisses from kiddos!  We know that when visitors come to the farm – especially children – she feels important again.  She has a purpose in this life.  She feels important again.  She is needed and has a role to play, and she just soaks it up!  When children are around, she comes to life, and we’ve all seen it happen right before our eyes!

A perfect example of this was when she participated in our Reading with Rescues program this summer.  She was slightly hesitant to meet new people…but the moment a camper started to read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss, she immediately relaxed and enjoyed hearing him read his story.  It was an amazing sight to see!


Her story is the true essence of what we hope our rescues will do for others.  Not by means of being a work horse – but just like Gummi has done.  She has touched the lives of children, and these interactions have really helped her recovery process as well.  It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Here is our Gummi now :0)