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2018 Annual Report

As Hickory Hill Farm’s Board of Directors, we are so proud and humbled to serve alongside such an amazing group of people. The entire HHF team works diligently all year with common goals, voluntarily; there is no paid staff. A passion for service above self, compassion for animals and people, and devotion to making this world a better place by applying our talents for a higher cause is what continues to make Hickory Hill Farm a thriving non-profit. We have continued our mission by providing a retreat like place for the animals we rescue and by offering fun, educational, and relaxing events for people.

In 2018, we increased adoptions by over 50% and our intakes increased by 42%. Our adoption and rescue program gained National Recognition when we won an $11,000 grant from the ASPCA for our Help a Horse campaign. We held our week long annual summer camp and were honored when it won HulaFrog’s “Most Loved Camp” award for the Nashville area. Lastly, we continue to place a high value on ethics and transparency by maintaining an open communication policy on all of our activities and taking additional steps to show fiscal transparency by achieving Platinum status on and receiving a Top Rated award from . Our team continues to expand their education on all fronts of our mission by attending credible classes and training in their fields throughout the year.

The work Hickory Hill Farm does is made possible by volunteers and donor dollars. We are grateful to be able to serve in this capacity. We hope you enjoy seeing HHF’s impact in this annual report, and invite you to join us for another life changing year in 2019.


Jenna, Shea, Malia, Shawna, Stephanie, Madi, & Sean